PlayStation VUE Setting up My Shows - PSVue

One of the most important parts of PlayStation VUE is my shows.

Now if you're using a ps4 controller and I would assume a ps3 controller, you can press l1 to go to My shows, and if you are searching from the guide you can turn on a show with l2. If I want Reba to be one of my shows I simply press r1 scrolling through my guide, I don't know what this is monsters inside of me, but sounds interesting. I'm going to press r1, and if I did that by mistake I just pressed r1 again, and it asked me if I want to remove it from My show, at any point I can hit l1 and go back to my shows.

You can see I have pick just a wide variety of things and all of these are in my shows, if I decide I no longer want bitchin rides, for example, r1, yes, remove it, and as you can see it no longer has the little check mark showing that it's one of my shows.

My shows are very important because this is how you will watch shows and record shows. When you place a show in your My Shows list it automatically is recorded and kept for four weeks on the cloud DVR service, that's included in Play Station view. If you're using the PlayStation 4 controller the triangle takes you home, or it shows the current show you're watching, tells you what's up next.

It gives you options of things that you might like a simple click of r1 and put this movie on AMC in my shows, l1 takes me to My shows, maneuvering through My shows, adding My shows, removing my shows, is extremely easy and is a great feature of Play Station view.