PlayStation Vue Experience on ROKU Devices - PSVUE

PlayStation Vue Experience on ROKU Devices - PSVUE

Hey guys, hey Marty gig, in this video, I have a hands-on look of the PlayStation View finally on Roku devices. Yes, this service has finally come out today for Roku devices and it's coming out very soon for Android devices. Now, it's going to show you guys, how to install it.

Here of course, you all you got to do is go to the streaming channels, go to your new section and it's going to be right there, like I see right. There you got the PlayStation view app, once you tap on it, you can go to the channel or right here. Of course, you go ahead and install it from there. Now, let's go and launch the app. One thing that, I really like about the Roku device running playstation view is that it runs a lot more faster than my amazon firetrap. Now one big difference here, from the PlayStation 4 em, from the Amazon fire TV is that when you launch PlayStation view, like you see here, it launches to a list of live TV like see there. It launches - you can see you recently watched you can see my shows these are basically all the shows that you are DVR in.

So because, remember with Playstation view when you add a show as your favorite, show it will automatically DVR. All the shows here, you got channels. So you got all the features channels here. All the recent channels here and if you want to see all the challenges, just click right there and it'll switch to all the channels. Where you can see all the channels available? Depending on the package that you have the package that I have for PlayStation View is the cheapest package which is $29.99 and it includes over 55 channels, which is not bad. 

I really really love it, you got recommended here, all the recommended shows and here you got featured feature shows as well. So, one thing to keep in mind, if you're, if there's a show right there. For example, like so you think you can dance. Let's say, I want to make that show as my favorite show or I got two presses the start button here and I can see that you got series detail. 

You got add to my shows or go to the show or go to my shows series detail, click right there. You can see this right here. See, sometimes it's going to look a little bit different. If you click right there, serious detail you can see that Fox that's on Fox on demand you can add it to your shows. Right here, all the seasons like, see there so if I want to add it to my show, just click right there um and it's going to add it to my shows that's very cool.

Another easy way to add things to your show is, for example, let's say there's a show here that you really like like animal kingdom. Right right there, you press the start button and you click Add to my shows oh and now that show is going to be automatically added to your shows. Without going through, all that thing that we just did. So, it that shows going to be right here, my shows like see there, so right here is going to see all my shows.

So, it should be added right here, you got also you think, you could dance right there what was the other show that we applied should be somewhere. There, I think it was animal kingdom yeah. There this animal kingdom right there, so basically that's it. That's how you add shows on your my shows and that's how you deviants and it will take you to a live channel.

This is right for example, on espn2 and you see what shows is play now right, now is a way far although. Right now, it's on commercial break some channels. you're going to get this when they're on commercial break especially some ESPN channels here let's go ahead to for example CNN click right there you got CNN You got the title of the show that's playing. Right now now, let's go and lower the volume here. I'll press the OK button, you can see information of the show right there. On the top and if I press the start button XE caption, you can turn it on you could turn it off. If there's other languages available, you could tap right there and it will show other languages available.

I can see this one does not have more languages available click OK, click done well. Now if you want to switch to another channel what you're going to do is tap up and you show you this right here, tap right there boom you switch to another Channel. Right there which is all, this is streaming live. So right now, there are commercial break there, if I press right here comedy central tosh point-o. I see there that's on commercial there but that's pretty cool press. Right here, you got this press the triangle button. You get this right here which is pretty cool. You turn it on or off and you're good to go but I gotta say very cool that this service is finally here. 

On roku devices, cause up I gotta be honest this service runs way better here. On the roku device then it does on my fire TV stick. I have the fire TV stick and this runs way faster here than on my fire TV stick. So here, got my shows there for example, this is all DVRs. So, I can always go back like see there, I can always go back and watch an old show. If I want very cool, I'll show. If I want, if I click right there oh, I could go ahead and start watching an old show that's very cute. I do like how this PlayStation View runs here.

On the Roku TV the only big difference is that the experience here is basically, the same experience that you get on iOS devices and on tablets. When you launch the application instead of going to the live channel where you left it off it actually goes to this menu right there where you choose what channel you want to go live and what channel, if you want to go to your, for example, if you want to go to your DVR section. You go to your DVR section but it doesn't take you directly to the live channel which is for some people might, be a negative for others. If you're used to the PlayStation view app on iOS. You're going to be very very familiar. So other than that but the thing is it runs very smooth and I think, that's the most important thing that it runs really really really smooth.

Think, I'm actually going to be replacing my Amazon firetrap that's in my room for this Roku device stick which is really fast for those. Asking this is the same Roku stick that I showed a couple. Like a week ago and it works really good, really fast. Here in settings like, see here you got the bar for settings. You got search you can search for any show, specific show. There you can go to settings here, you can see profiles. So, if you have more people in your profile, you could add more people here to PlayStation View help. 

So you got here, also you got profile there, you got help you search settings profile and help that's it. So guys, that's it. Just once you share this video with you guys just to let you know that PlayStation View is finally on Roku devices. Yes siree and it's coming soon for Android devices. So whenever, when it's finally available on Android devices. I'll go ahead and make another video for you guys.

So you guys can see the experience of this service on whatever particular device. I have at the moment, so guys thanks for watching this was a look at Play Station view on the Roku TV, till next time guys.

PlayStation Vue 2.0 Roku App Basic Navigation

PlayStation Vue 2.0 Roku App Basic Navigation

This is about Navigating the new PlayStation VUE 2.0 app on Roku devices, if you arrow up you've got the guide, you got my shows, you got searching, you got set, this will tell you some basic information.