PlayStation Vue 2.0 Roku App Basic Navigation

Navigating the new PlayStation VUE 2.0 app on Roku devices, if you arrow up you've got the guide, you got my shows, you got searching, you got setting, this will tell you some basic information there, if we come over to the guide you can click on the guide, I've already got some stuff set as favorites here, so they show across the top.

If you scroll over, once you've reached midnight you'll get to choose what day to jump to, and it will jump to Thursday here, and then the guides going to load, this is a Roku stick 2016. It's not too fast this thing, and it starts at midnight, and then you can scroll forward, let's see we got to use the right arrow, we'll just keep scrolling forward and I got to sit here and wait for this thing to load, because it's a stick, like I said lots of loading.

We will scroll to nine o'clock, and we all will go to Big Bang Theory, click OK on Big Bang Theory, that's going to load up, the Big Bang Theory screen here, we can arrow over to this, add to my shows right here or on anything, you can arrow up to the additional two shows in the corner, and that's one method of adding a show, and you get a confirmation that it's been added your shows.

You can now hit the play pause button, it says you can, let's just click the backup or the back arrow, there is also a method of backing up, and you can come out here to the main screen. If you're watching something and you want to add it to your DVR you simply arrow down, and you're down here at program info, and then you can scroll over and you've got that right there you can add it to your favorites. If you are DVR and you can click here to start over, or if it's on demand you can click here to start over, and then you've got returned alive.

Then all the way over here you got a little discovery icon that you can highlight, you can click and that will load the discovery channel like the whole discovery, and you got the same thing where you can arrow up to come up here, and add discovery to your favorites if you don't already have it there. You can scroll down and you've got other shows featured, and so we'll go ahead and we'll slap that into my shows.

Right first it just has another quick example, then we'll back out here see if I can get it to back out, this thing likes to hang apparently, there we go back out again and we are going to click the ok button, and we're going to come down, here you got recently watched, you've got the live TV line, you got my shows, you got the channels on the channels line.

If you come all the way over to the right hand, there's the more you can click, and that will load, when it comes up here you're starting with all alphabetical there, and you can actually come over and up to the filter and choose Jewess favorites, so that way it only shows channels you have in your favorites, or you can click in there, you can go to recent or just all, and this will be the closest to what you're used to, what the traditional Roku interface. It's just got video playing in the background now, so this is how you would scroll through the list of channels on Roku before.

Let's get a little bit more in there, it's much easier to go from the main menu which would normally be like right there, you just arrow up one go to the guide, and any channels you've added to your favorites are going to be first on the list, and you just scroll down and you pick the channel and hit OK, and it'll flip over to it. That's just much faster than dealing with going through the channels, and you actually get a whole little guide there, and as I said, if you need to start over your arrow down arrow over you can add two favorites right there, you can arrow over again after remote actually works.

They're over and you got to start over button there, so that's how you restart a show, that's currently airing, you would use to do is you would highlight the show, and then you would click the star key on the asteroid key on the remote, and then it would have a menu choice where you could restart from beginning, this yellowed into it to restart, see what else we can find, fast, still just kind of our messing with this thing.

If we go to here let's try clicking star key no longer knows anything if you long press that long press doesn't do anything, that'll just jump over there, and we'll do some other stuff with that later, click OK, go to the guide, and we're going to go down to the fast and loud, that's airing right now. Because I've already added that to the DVR so it will start recording.

I can come down here like if you tuned in the middle, I think this app is real glitchy because half the time I push the button nothing happens, and you got here, you can come to start over, if you want to watch the DVR copy, this is the way to do it, this switch is either DVR copy and you'll have whoops the wrong button, let's get that out of the way. You got your play pause if it works, see what I mean glitchy not working, hitting there we go, it only takes 20 tries, I don't know what this means.

This new app just not feeling it, it seems really glitchy, from what I can see here, seriously the Roku is right behind right there, there's no reason, this thing should not be working from these clips, and you've got if I can get it to play again, this remote does not give me any trouble on any other app.

I think it's got the same basic interface aside from a different guide look, but the stability of this app is just horrible. I don't know what to say, that's significant, it's all froze up, gotta exit the app, but going out to the home screen again, it's not the first time, I've had to do that neither no, I vote okay, for a couple of minutes you got recently watch line there, you got the live TV line there, in fact live TV is also another one of those things, that you go to the scroll over the right two more, and you've got basically the same interface that you had before, except let's video playing in the background, so it doesn't look so ancient, but I honestly still think the guide it is the way to go on the Roku happened any at frankly, and so I'm just getting in that there for now because I'm about to reach the limit.

PlayStation VUE Setting up My Shows - PSVue

PlayStation VUE Setting up My Shows - PSVue

One of the most important parts of PlayStation VUE is My shows. When you place a show in your My Shows list it automatically is recorded and kept for four weeks on the cloud DVR service.

PlayStation Vue 2.0 Roku App Basic Navigation

PlayStation Vue 2.0 Roku App Basic Navigation

This is about Navigating the new PlayStation VUE 2.0 app on Roku devices, if you arrow up you've got the guide, you got my shows, you got searching, you got set, this will tell you some basic information.